A massive and heartfelt thank-you to all those who attended the inaugural BURMESE NIGHTS dinner club in September at the Islington Metalworks in London to support our healthcare projects in Myanmar, and in particular the charity Compassionate Hands Myanmar working on flood relief. Thanks to you, we raised over £3,500! Please think about coming to a future BURMESE NIGHTS; to keep updated, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook

Or you can HOLD YOUR OWN!

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We're encouraging friends and supporters to take up the fundraising challenge and hold their own BURMESE NIGHTS wherever and however; in your own home, at your office, your local school, or a friendly community space or village hall. 

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The beauty of Burmese Nights is its inclusivity – anyone can hold a supper. We want you, your friends and theirs to hold a supper or similar to raise funds. The more people who do, the more funds and awareness we can raise for aid to Myanmar which is, after all, the aim of this game.

Your Burmese Night could be a sit-down dinner for a small number; a large feast smash-and-grab style for a larger number; a picnic in the park for as many as you like. 

We have partnered with chef Thuzar Kyi to provide you with recipes for some simple but supremely delicious Burmese classics. 

If you are interested in holding a Burmese Nights and donating monies raised to The Angus McDonald Trust, download our toolkit which is full of beautiful recipes and ideas.

Please register your Burmese Night here and tell us if you would like it to be promoted by us to the public. 

Have questions about BURMESE NIGHTSContact The Angus McDonald Trust