The Angus McDonald Trust runs community-based welfare initiatives in Myanmar (Burma) and was founded in memory of photojournalist, author and adventurer Angus McDonald, who died suddenly in Yangon in February 2013. In keeping with Angus’s own values, the Trust believes in quiet compassion and a respect for indigenous populations. We also want to try and leave the world a better place than we found it. And above all we believe that local people know best how to engage with their communities, helping to make our projects work. 

Currently we run our three main initiatives in Yangon itself. 

  • Healthy Living Helping Society HIV Programme delivers home-based care, nutritional support and supplements, counselling services, condom distribution, public-awareness sessions, and vocational training to HIV suffers from our hub at the Marga Mission Monastery in North Okkalapa. In a year we reach around 200 patients - men, women and children - of all ages and backgrounds. In 2015 we completed building a small vocational training centre next to the monastery, where we are developing programmes to enhance patients' skills and help them return to the workforce. Click here for more info.

  • Lin Yong Kyi TB Self-Help Group operates from the Hlaing Tharyar suburb of Yangon, and is a vibrant community-led project which identifies TB patients in the local Ward 23 of the suburb. We help patients access medication, provide nutritional support and supplements, help mothers and children with pre and post-natal care and advice, and are developing vocational training initiatives. In one year we support around 150 patients with TB, and a further 50 mothers and children. We are planning to build a creche and dedicated vocational training centre at our hub and to develop a basic financial literacy toolkit for young mothers. Click here for more info.